How to Prep Your Home for a Plumber’s Visit

How to Prep Your Home for a Plumber’s Visit

It’s not every day we need to worry about plumbing issues at our home. But on the days when we have a plumbing emergency and have a plumber scheduled to come to take a look, it may help to take a few necessary measures before they come in.

Here’s how professional plumbers think you should prepare your home before and during a plumbing inspection.

Before the visit:

Inspect plumbing fixtures:

Inspect your pipes and look around in your house for any problems the plumbing system may have. As with anything, it is best to understand the situation so you can guide the plumber on what to look out for during their inspection.

An initial inspection may help you identify other small issues that are causing another problem to occur, and save you from calling your technician repeatedly.

Anticipate common questions:

Your plumber will ask you a few questions before they begin work that will help them figure out what the problem is. You need to understand that there is not just one kind of plumbing service, and having a small idea of the problem can help reduce the time taken to fix it for your plumber.

Clear the working area:

Having a clean work area will allow your technician to work faster and efficiently. Clear out any clutter from the place a plumber may need to access, such as the waterline, and any of your personal belongings, so they don’t get in the way.

Power down the fixtures

While they are being used, appliances such as radiators, boilers, or the central heating system get to very high temperatures.

These machines need to be given enough time to cool down before another human touches them, so they should be powered off with ample time before the visit.

This will reduce any waiting time for your technician as well, saving their time and your money.

During the visit:

Keep pets away:

Make sure your pets are kept safe in a different room, so the technician does not get distracted or hurt. Plumbing equipment may also harm your furry friend, so it is best to keep them out of the room in question during the plumber’s visit.

Give and take information:

Tell the plumber what the problem is and any past plumbing issues you may have had in detail. Additionally, try to stay in the room while the work is being done and take information in. Close observation may allow you to learn how to do some basic plumbing tasks as well.

Perform a final check:

Check your plumbing routinely for any other issues and make sure everything is functioning correctly. If it isn’t, call Pro Serve Plumbers at 817-244-0614 for licensed plumbers in Fort Worth, TX who can solve any emergency plumbing problems in your home.

We provide a wide range of services, including leak detection, sewer line repair, slab leak repairs, and more. Contact us today to renew your home’s plumbing health.