Four Nifty Ways to Winterize Your Outdoor Faucets

Four Nifty Ways to Winterize Your Outdoor Faucets

With the winter season upon us, temperatures are sure to make a steep fall. Your outdoor water faucets are most vulnerable to these cold temperatures. Make sure you protect your plumbing system in order to save yourself from hassle down the line.

Here are three effective tips to help you winterize your outdoor faucets for a happy, plumbing- free, holiday season.

1. Discover All Your Outdoor Plumbing Systems

You need to be able to first locate and identify all the faucets, hoses or any other plumbing systems you have outdoors in order to protect them.

It’s better to uninstall all hoses, pipes and splitters, which you likely won’t be using during the winter season.

2. Insulate Your Pipes

Make sure you add insulation to the exterior of your pipes in order to prevent them from freezing—or worse, bursting!

Insulate your pipes by adding faucet covers or simply coating your existing pipes with rubber, foam and even a double plastic coat to be extra careful. You can always hire licensed plumbers in Fort Worth, TX, to help you with your situation.

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3. Shut Off All Valves

Make sure you shut off all your outdoor valves so that there’s no chance of frozen water leakages damaging your existing faucet. In case you do have a leaky pipe, make sure you get it fixed before the temperatures drop even further.

4. Drain Out All Pipes

Be sure to empty out all the outdoor pipes so there’s no chance of water freezing through your pipes, causing them to break, and ending up in a major plumbing fix!

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