How to Keep Office Plumbing as Eco-Friendly as Possible

An automatic sensor faucet in an office building that significantly reduces water consumption in commercial settings.

In the next few decades, climate problems that have just begun to make their presence known are going exacerbate rapidly. Conserving water and using energy more efficiently are two excellent ways to mitigate these problems in the future.

According to the government, large buildings use around 360 billion gallons of water on average—approximately 2.5% of the nation’s water supply—by reducing this rate of consumption. Businesses can set the country on a much more sustainable path. So, how should they go about it?

Pipe Insulation

Pipe insulation is a fantastic way to make commercial plumbing eco-friendlier. Although Texas doesn’t get as cold as other regions of the country, heating still accounts for 22% of energy use in buildings.

Insulating your pipes will save you a lot of energy. The heat from inside your home often departs from pipes. Insulating them would prevent this from happening, and so when you’re using your water heater, you wouldn’t lose a significant amount of heat.

Install Efficient Fixtures

A fantastic way of making commercial plumbing eco-friendlier would be to install fixtures that make water use more efficient.

One of these is to install low-flow fixtures. These fixtures use significantly less water than traditional fixtures, and one study has reported that low-flow installations have resulted in an up to 20% decline in water consumption.

Additionally, high-efficiency urinals, showerheads, faucets, and toilets will further reduce water usage and make commercial problems more efficient.

Automatic Sensor Faucets and Flushing

Another excellent way to reduce water consumption is by installing automatic sensor faucets. These faucets turn on by themselves when your hand is underneath the faucet. Studies have determined that automatic sensor faucets reduce water usage by about 60%. The flushing systems could have the same sensor installed as well to reduce water wastage further.

Additionally, in commercial settings, where large amounts of people use the toilet, having an automatic sensor faucet would also make the system more hygienic.

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