3 Rare Kitchen Plumbing Problems That You Need to Know About

Plumber fixing faulty pipe under the sink

Plumbing problems are an issue that every household experiences. From the sink to the pipes in the basement, it’s always advisable to check for warning signs that something might need fixing.

And while you might feel confident in your ability to identify kitchen plumbing problems that need to be fixed, a plumber can always do better. A lot of plumbing is behind walls, making it challenging to detect every issue.

Here are three rare kitchen plumbing problems that you need to know about:


You might think a puddle of water is your worst worry if there’s a leaking faucet in the kitchen, but mold is far worse! Untreated leakages can lead to mold growing under the sink. The dampness and darkness under your sink make for the perfect environment for mold to settle in.

If you leave the mold untreated, there is a high chance of it making its way to other parts of your house. This could be a significant concern since extensive exposure to mold causes considerable health problems. It’s essential to call your local plumber immediately to remedy the issue before it gets worse.

Orange Water

There are many debates about what color water is, but it’s definitely not orange! When you find your kitchen tap water turning orange, that is a cause for grave concern. Most people assume that orange water is due to an issue with the water supply, but it might just be your plumbing.

The orange color could be due to rust in the pipes, or even water heater problems. It would be best to call up a plumber who can check to see where the problem lies before making a heated phone call to your water company!

Faulty Dishwasher

Dishes kept in a faulty dishwasher caused by plumbing issues

When your dishwasher starts giving you trouble, the first assumption most people make is that there is an internal problem. Although plausible, sometimes, the problem may lie in your plumbing rather than your dishwasher.

If your dishwasher stops working, there is a high possibility that a blockage could be the cause behind it. Your dishwasher is connected to your waterline, so this is a high possibility. Identifying the issue could save you a trip to the appliance store.

Call Your Trusted Plumber

No matter how uncommon the problem may seem, an experienced plumber would have the remedy! If you do find yourself troubled by your plumbing problems, contact us at Pro Serve Plumbing, and we will be glad to help you out. Our team of professional plumbers offers a range of kitchen and bathroom plumbing services.