How Are Commercial Plumbing and Repair Different from Residential Ones?

A high rise office building, where the plumbing system is highly complex and requires delicate handling.

Commercial plumbing relates to the plumbing systems of non-residential establishments, such as places like hospitals, office buildings, restaurants, and hotels. On the other hand, residential plumbing is related to the plumbing systems of people’s homes.

While the essential functions of both types of plumbing are very similar, there are significant differences in the plumbing use, potential issues, and maintenance of the two different types. Let’s examine these more deeply.

Commercial vs. Residential Plumbing Use

The frequency of plumbing usage is the most prominent way commercial and residential plumbing differ. Residential spaces often have a much lower demand for the pipe. This makes sense as residential homes use showers, faucets, and flushing at a much lower rate than commercial buildings, like a high-rise office or hospital.

Therefore, since running water and drains are used at much higher frequency in commercial spaces, there is a much greater need for the plumbing system to be maintained. Commercial buildings have plumbing checkups every day to ensure proper functioning.

Drain Problems

Because of the large amount of human traffic commercial places see daily, many infrequent problems in homes are commonplace in buildings. Drain clogs are quite frequent, especially since it’s often unknown what people might flush. Furthermore, if it’s not dealt with in a timely fashion, the clog could lead to flooding.

If an overflow does occur, there would a much lower chance of it being noticed promptly. People who use bathrooms and plumbing water in commercial settings are not responsible for its plumbing, and therefore less likely to report it. Therefore, daily checkups are especially important in commercial plumbing.Commercial plumbing systems are highly susceptible to water line leaks, causing severe damage.

Water Line

A leaky water line is a major issue, whether at home or an office building. However, water line leaks are straightforward to spot in a home. The warning signs include reduced water pressure or a leak. However, people who use running water in a commercial setting are unlikely to notice these signs, and if they do, unlikely to report them.

Additionally, hearing running water or damp walls is another warning sign. However, as there are many people in commercial settings, most of whom are not on high alert for plumbing problems, these signs can be hard to notice.

Whether in a home or commercial setting, a leaky water line must be noticed as they can cause significant damage.

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