Health Hazards That Are Caused by Damaged Sewer Lines

You could wash your hands the way you were taught to in ‘Personal Hygiene’ class.

You could dispose of sanitary pads safely.

You could cough into a handkerchief and sneeze into the crook of your elbow.

And still catch a viral infection!

Sometimes, safety precautions need to go beyond your person. They need to extend to the living space you occupy, including your home and workplace.

Sewer lines are at the forefront of infecting environments and making them unfit for living. Most people don’t realize the importance of sewer line structural integrity until they burst, and all hell breaks loose.

What happens in the toilet should stay in the toilet!

It’s not unusual for people to fall sick when the atmosphere is infected with germs, owing to damaged sewers that are leaking.

Here are some health hazards that you should be wary of.


Has your throat been feeling particularly scratchy? Are your eyes unusually irritated and watery?

If so, it could be an ENT infection that you’ve contracted because of the contaminated air you’re breathing. Acanthamoeba is a common bacterium that’s behind these health conditions.

While these infections can range from minor to major, they’re undoubtedly a serious risk to your health. They affect your quality of life as much as your work performance. It’s very difficult—nearly impossible—to work when your nose and eyes are both runny.

Various Coli

If you’re a man and have never experienced period cramps, be wary, because a storm is on its way. Stay safe from coli bacteria, because they can cause severe diarrhea. The abdominal cramps that you will feel as you deal with the condition are inexplicably painful!

No amount of tossing and turning in bed will help with the pain. In the worst cases, it can become fatal, so it’s best to keep sewage systems completely functional so the environment remains clean.

Heliobacter Pylori

Don’t run a Google search for ulcers, because you won’t be able to sleep at night if you do. To cut to the chase, exposed sewage waste is home to Heliobacter Pylori. These bacteria attack your immune system, causing ulcers to develop.

While the disease sounds scary, it’s not too dangerous. However, when it comes to your health, you shouldn’t take any risks. Get to the root of the problem by calling a plumber to fix it.


Have you ever had one of those horrible experiences when you’re constantly nauseous but unable to throw up?

Leptospirosis is bad news, and is probably the cause of this state of being. If you ask us, it’s one of the most abhorrent health conditions that a person could contract. Another downside is that when you vomit, you puke out a large quantity of fluids from your body, which leaves you weak and limp.

An added side-effect of this infection is muscle soreness. As if the weakness from the vomit was not enough, your muscles will refuse to cooperate, rendering you unable to get up and move around.


You never know what’s in the sewage waste that flows through the lines.

But when the lines start leaking, you’re exposed to one of the most potent bacteria—salmonella. This can cause an endless series of loose stool and diarrhea, leaving you with unbearable cramps.

If you’re scared of falling sick in terrible ways, make sure to get your sewage lines repaired ASAP. This is not a leaky faucet that you can easily put off for another week. This is a question of health and safety, and also one of life and death if it gets worse.

We offer sewer line replacements and repair in Fort Worth, Texas. If you’ve been suspecting that the foul smell is coming from sewage damage, get in touch with us!