Think you’re Dealing with a Damaged Sewer Pipe? Look Out for These Symptoms!

Sewer pipe damages are perhaps one of the nastiest fates your house can meet. It’s especially a nightmare for someone who likes to keep every corner of their house spick and span. Imagine all flushed feces and soapy water flowing back into the house? It’s gross!

But we’re here to help. Look out for these signs and let us know.

1. Sewage Back Flows and Blockages

Have you ever experienced the burning sensation when bile rises up in your throat? A sewage backflow is ten times worse than that!

If you notice dirty water backing up every time you flush the toilet, pull the plug in your bathtub or drain the kitchen sink, it’s a red alert.

You can gauge the extent of the problem by checking all drains around the house. One bad case can mean other potential drain damages. If you’ve spotted the same problem in more than one drain, it’s most likely due to sewer pipe damage.

2. Foul Odor

Talk about tell-tale signs; there’s no smoke without fire. If you smell a musty, foul odor that’s making your house stink like a dumpsite, it’s possibly a sewage drain issue. Perfectly concealed sewage lines don’t release odors as long as they’re in good condition. They’re airtight and prevent the release of any gases. It’s in case of a leakage or major damage that the distasteful odors start wafting around the house.

It’s practically uncomfortable to live with a horrible smell that makes you gag. But more than that it’s a risk to your health and safety. Foul odor means that harmful ingredients of sewage disposal are being released into the atmosphere.

Get in touch with a professional plumber right away.

3. Mold Problems

Covering mold stains with fresh paint is not a solution to the problem. You need to hire a professional plumber who can diagnose why it’s happening. Mold infestation is a serious concern for your health and a potential problem for your plumber as well.

While mold problems can arise due to water seepage in walls as well, but coupled with a constant foul odor, it’s definitely a sewage problem!

4. Drain Delay

If you’ve moved into a new house, there’s no reason for your plumbing system to perform poorly. Don’t settle for a drain that takes ages to dry the floor just because it has always been this way.

5. Thick Greenery

Was your yard showing signs of full Spring even in mid Fall? That may seem like a gift from nature but it could also be more than God’s work.

The only upside to sewage pipe damages is that it leads to fertilization of the soil. (Although you might want to reconsider lying down on the soft grass if hygiene is your pet peeve.)

Unless you’re a gardening enthusiast, this is BAD news for anyone because nobody wants their dump to bloom into greens. Every homeowner loves a beautiful garden or a flourishing bed of roses, but not at the cost of underground sewage leaks!

We offer sewage pipe repair and replacement in Fort Worth, TX. Contact us if you smell something fishy!