Troubleshooting Your Kitchen Garbage Disposal System!

The modern-day kitchens remain incomplete without a kitchen garbage disposal system. It helps you push leftover food and liquids down the drain without any extra effort.

However, you should make sure that you don’t take it for granted and put substances that make it difficult for the disposal system to work effectively.

Nevertheless, if you’re reading this blog, the chances are that you’re dealing with a malfunctioning kitchen garbage disposal system already—and it’s not necessarily because you’ve done something wrong.

Just like every other appliance, garbage disposal systems are machines that may stop working due to technical fault or mechanical reasons. So, no need to beat yourself up over it!

Here are three common problems with kitchen garbage disposal systems that homeowners encounter, along with some troubleshooting ideas:

The Garbage Disposal Doesn’t Turn On

Let’s start off with the most common problem: the kitchen garbage disposal system isn’t turning on. Now, it often presents a big challenge to fix this issue. Sometimes, it’s a simple fix, but it can be difficult to understand what’s wrong with the system.

An ideal way to troubleshoot the system is starting with the simple fixes and moving up to the more complicated ones. Here are some pointers that will help you out:

  • Check if the disposal system is plugging in properly. Though it may sound like a no-brainer, some people tend to plug the wire incorrectly, hence the system doesn’t work. So always doublecheck the plug!
    Note:Wire a GFCI outlet for a garbage disposal to keep it protected from a power surge.
  • There’s a red color reset button on the bottom of the unit that serves as a built-in circuit breaker. If the button is popped outward, it means the circuit has tripped. Just push the button to reset the unit.
  • If these don’t fix the problem, there’s something wrong with the wiring of your garbage disposal system. It’s recommended that you don’t try to fix the service panel yourself and call a professional to address the problem instead.

The Garbage Disposal Drains Very Slowly

Do you know what’s worse than a kitchen garbage disposal system that doesn’t work? A system that drains slowly! Okay, that might be a bit of an exaggeration, but you’d agree that it can be just as equally frustrating.

There can be a number of reasons for this problem; however, the most common culprit is a clogged drain. A simple clogging issue can be fixed by pouring warm (not hot) water into the drain.

If that doesn’t resolve the issue, the drains trap and discharge pipe need to be disassembled to remove the food waste or any obstruction that’s clogging the drain.

Avoid using a chemical drain cleaner to clean your garbage disposal system as it can damage your garbage system and even void the manufacturer’s warranty.

The Garbage Disposal Starts Leaking

If your kitchen sink has been getting mysteriously soggy, the chances are that there’s a leak in your kitchen’s hardest working appliances: the garbage disposal system, of course.

You can continue using the garbage disposal system, but you shouldn’t! It’s important to identify the leak source at the earliest to prevent foul-smelling puddles forming in your kitchen.

Most leaks are caused due to a loose O-ring, but if the leakage is from somewhere else, you might be looking at a more complicated repair.

You have to investigate the source of the leak, re-seal the problematic area, and tighten the flange.

It’s advised that you call a professional to evaluate the problem and perform repairs rather than taking a DIY-approach as you can potentially damage it further.

Final words

If you’re unable to troubleshoot your kitchen garbage disposal system, call professionals to take care of the problem. Using their expertise, they will be able to diagnose the problem with ease and provide you with the best possible solution.

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