Can Water Seep Through Slabs And Enter My Home?

Network of pipes in the foundation of a home.

Movement of the soil

Soil and ground movement over time can put pressure on the pipe network under your home. Earthquakes or an underground stream increase the chances of a slab leak occurring. If there has been an earthquake in the area recently, have a professional inspect your home to rule out a slab leak.

Poor water quality

The pH balance of the water differs from area to area. Sometimes the water is excessively acidic or alkaline. Hard water is known to increase corrosion of the pipes, increasing the chances of slab leaks.


When the water pipes rub against a surface, they wear out sooner than anticipated. The pipes can rub against the concrete foundation or gravel used during installation or may be hindered by tree roots that have grown over time. The friction will lead to pipe leakage and eventually cause it to break, causing a slab leak. Such damage is more likely to happen to hot water pipes compared to cold ones.

Can water seep through the concrete slab?

Water seeped through the slab causing uneven floors.

One common question our clients ask us is whether or not water can seep through a concrete slab and cause water damage to their belongings. Since concrete is a porous material, water can seep up if the slab leak is large enough. This causes the floors to become uneven and your home will slowly begin to sink.

There have been instances where a pipe has burst under the foundation of the home, causing flooding in the basement. If that does happen, try to move all your belongings away to prevent further damage while you wait for emergency plumbing services.

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