5 Pressing Residential Plumbing Questions Answered

5 Pressing Residential Plumbing Questions Answered

Construction companies and property builders hire plumbers to fulfill three roles: to design and install a durable water drainage system, to make it cost-effective, and to conserve water. However, despite this, issues arise over time.

The most common plumbing faults include inadequate sanitation, leaks, clogged toilets, and low water pressure. These issues can harm a person’s health, the environment, and hygiene. Therefore, it’s essential to employ a licensed and experienced plumber to take care of your plumbing needs.

Here are some frequently asked questions about residential plumbing that can help you.

Why does my toilet leave a smell behind every time I flush it?

It’s highly likely that you’re smelling sewage gas after flushing the toilet. A drainage venting system blocks sewage gas from entering homes. The airtight seal acts as a barrier. However, a broken airtight seal can let gas escape, resulting in a disturbing smell. You should get the U-shaped seal in your drainage pipes repaired.

How should I repair a leaking showerhead?

Showerheads can leak due to numerous reasons. Either the water valve is broken, or the shower hose is incorrectly attached.

If you have a faulty hose attachment, remove the hose, and soak it in vinegar for 30 minutes. Try adjusting it back into the showerhead and test for any further leaks.

Why does my kitchen sink take longer to drain?

A longwinded draining process is an indicator of a clogged drain trap. You can quickly fix clogged traps at home with a bucket, some cleaning supplies, a wrench, or pliers. Remove the drain trap, discharge the debris, and clean the trap’s surface thoroughly. Reassemble the drain trap and test to see how it drains.

Why is my water heater making sounds?

A noisy water heater is alarming. If not handled promptly, it can blow your circuit breakers. The boiling water can lead to sediment build-up, which will clog the drainage pipes. You could try to fix it by completely emptying the drainage system and refilling it. If the refilling solution doesn’t work, try contacting your plumber for repairs.

When do I need a water purification service?

If you notice a layer of film or dirt on your dishes when you are washing them, or the tap water tastes ghastly, your water likely has unwanted toxins. This is incredibly undesirable and unhealthy. If you observe hard water in your system, you must avail water purification services immediately.

Our water purification services at Pro Serve Plumbing guarantee you clean and safe water for all purposes throughout the year. We provide reliable treatment systems to ensure a high-quality water supply at your house. Contact us here to learn more.