4 Tips for Choosing a New Sink for Your Kitchen

4 Tips for Choosing a New Sink for Your Kitchen

A sink is an essential and prominent part of your kitchen. It directly impacts the aesthetic appeal, functionality, and hygiene of your culinary hub.

Today, we’re discussing some essential pre-purchase considerations to keep in mind when shopping for a new kitchen sink. Whether you want to replace an old, dingy fixture or upgrade the current one, this guide will cover everything you need to know.

So, are you ready to revamp your residential kitchen with a new sink? Let’s begin:

1. Study Kitchen Styles & Trends

Give your kitchen an Insta-worthy look by adding an aesthetically pleasing sink and faucet. Before making a purchase, research the latest style trends and choose a matching sink depending on your kitchen’s style.

2. Know Your Options

Kitchen sinks are available in different types of materials. You can either match your kitchen countertop and sink or go for a contrasting look. Let’s shed some light on kitchen sink variants and their main features:

Stainless Steel: Most interior designers recommend stainless, thick steel gauges for the kitchen sink. Their sound-deadening pads and undercoats increase efficiency and reduce noisiness. Moreover, stainless steel is recyclable and hence, is an eco-friendly choice.

Enameled Cast Iron: With heat-handling and scrub-resistant properties, cast iron is another durable & recyclable kitchen sink choice. These are heavier and quieter than their steel counterparts.

Fireclay: This material is similar to ceramic and is highly resistant to chips and cracks; sinks made of fireclay are a top choice for warm-toned kitchens.

Other sink options include enameled steel, porcelain, granite, engineered stone, solid surface, etc.

3. Choose the Optimum Size

The size of the kitchen sink must be proportional to the kitchen’s surface area. Generally, kitchen sinks are up to 30 inches for single bowl designs and 36 inches for double bowl variants. The latter is great if you hand-wash your dishes.

We recommend choosing a smaller sink size in case you have a separate dishwasher installed in your kitchen.

4. Gear Up Your Food Safety Concerns

According to NSF International, your kitchen sink contains 100,000 times more germs than your toilet sink. These germs enter your kitchen through dirty hands, raw meat, unwashed fresh produce, and waste food particles. Making smart choices when buying and installing a new kitchen sink helps you prevent diseases like salmonella, E. coli, and listeria.

The sink size, material, features, and shape affect your kitchen’s functionality and your daily kitchen activities’ efficiency.

Don’t Forget the Significance of Foolproof Kitchen Sink Installation

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