5 Telltale Signs Your Sewer Lines Are Damaged

“Out of sight, out of mind” is not a piece of good advice when it comes to your health and your home’s plumbing. Do you know that there may be around 100 different viruses present in raw sewage?

Hidden leaks in sewage lines deteriorate over time and may lead to damage to your well-being, pocket, and property. They can also lead to severe health problems when left unrepaired.

Keeping an eye out for the warning signs mentioned below, and contact expert plumbers for drainage repairing services to combat this damage.

Bad Odor

The odor of rotten eggs and sewers should never escape a perfect setup of drains. If you do experience a foul smell, you need to inspect the reason behind this toxic sewer smell is making its way into your house.

It could mean that there is a leak in the main sewer line. If that happens, you must contact the best sewer line repair service in your area.

Sewage Clogs and Blockage

Sewage clogs and blockages happen often. You must consider the nature of the blockage. If only one drain is affected, then you can try unclogging with pumps, etc. However, if sewage backs up every time you flush the toilet, then the problem could be your main sewage line.

It would require a professional to inspect the sewage line and suggest the best solution.

Mold Growth

Wet spots on your ceilings and walls are a sign of a broken sewage line. If ignored, water can infilter from sewer pipes and can cause mold to multiply.

Mold needs slightly more humidity than 55% to start growing. Broken sewage pipes behind walls can cause a rise in humidity levels. Resulting mold growth can eat through organic building material and damage the interior and exterior of your house.

Insects and Rodent Infestation

Rats make their homes in sewers. They can cram themselves through small cracks in your pipes and can make their way into your home. Rats can cause a range of diseases, like Salmonellosis.

Similarly, Drain Flies can enter through cracked pipes and lay eggs in stagnant water. This allows them to multiply at a rapid rate. Their worms can trigger myiasis, a parasitic infestation where the worms grow inside human flesh.

If you suspect an insect or rodent infestations, you should immediately contact an emergency plumbing service to check for damage in your sewage line.

Lush Green Patches in Grass

If your backyard or garden has bright green patches of grass, there is a possible leak in your underground sewage line.

It’s because sewage waste acts as a fertilizer for foliage. Leakage from your main line into the soil will provide extra nutrients to the surrounding grass giving it a lush green appearance. Visually, these patches look very attractive. However, toxin build-up can destroy the soil in the long run.

It’s always best to identify the damage in sewage lines at an early stage. If you notice the signs mentioned above, contact us for a detailed inspection and FREE estimate.

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