Hopping in the shower to freshen up only to be greeted with a stinky smell can be extremely unpleasant. The first step in getting rid of the bad odor is figuring out its source.

The shower drain is one of the most overlooked components of any bathroom. Problems like clogs, mold growth, and sewage backup can ruin it’s functioning and lead to a smelly drain. If your shower drain has started stinking, here are a few things that may be going on:

Clogged Drain

Soap scum, hair, mineral deposits, and dirt can accumulate in your shower drain over time and cause it to become clogged. If your drain is slow or isn’t working at all, it’s an indication that it has collected debris. This can lead to bacterial growth in the component that may produce a musty smell.

Fix: Get rid of shower drain clogs with the help of a snake. No, not the reptile. Snakes are a standard plumbing tool that works by getting a hold of anything that’s clogging your drain. You can maneuver a snake into your shower drain and clear out the chaff quickly.

Sewer backup

The p-trap under your shower drain is designed to trap any backflowing sewer gases. However, when it becomes dry or dirty, it may stop doing its job well. This may lead to a sewer-like smell escaping from your shower drain.

Fix: Shower drain p-traps are concealed under the bathroom flooring. If it’s broken or leaking, there isn’t much that you can do about it. Professional plumbers such as Pro Serve Plumbing can fix it in a few minutes and help you restore the fresh air in your bathroom.

However, with regular maintenance, you can reduce the possibility of a dirty p-trap. Simply pour half a cup of baking soda followed by half a cup of white vinegar down the drain. This will help get rid of any dirt that may have accumulated in the p-trap.

Biofilm buildup

If your drain smells like mold growth, you probably have a biofilm buildup problem. Biofilm buildup is not only unpleasant for your bathroom, but it can also pose severe health hazards.

The bacteria that make up biofilm can lead to a spread of E. coli, MRSA, and Salmonella. Showering in a bathroom that has a biofilm buildup issue can lead to respiratory and urinary tract problems.

Fix: The orange stains around your shower drain are caused by pink biofilm buildup. Get rid of these by brushing the surface with a disinfectant. Prevent further buildup by spraying an antimicrobial chemical on the affected spots.

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