HELP! My House Smells Like Sewage! Causes And Prevention of Water Backflow

You’re doing the dishes, and suddenly you see discolored, foul-smelling water flowing from the faucet. The sudden change in the color and quality of water indicates you might be dealing with a backflow problem.

Water backflow is a critical issue, that when mishandled or overlooked, can cause severe health problems. This is why it’s recommended that you contact a skilled team of emergency plumbers, like ours at Pro Serve Plumbing.

A backflow involves unwanted flow of water in the reverse direction. It happens when freshwater pressure drops in the system, and the flow reverses. It causes sewage water to be sucked from any source cross-connected to freshwater pipes, back into your house.

Sources of contaminated backflow water are toilet tanks, dishwashers or washing machines, swimming pools, lawn sprinklers, and even sewers. Now let’s have a look at what causes the backflow.


Broken Water Main – If the main water supply line in your area gets damaged, it can reduce the water pressure in your house water supply, and this can cause backflow. In this case, consider calling a Primary line sewage repair service.

Emergency Water Consumption – Emergency water usage, like extinguishing a fire, can cause a drop in pressure and a subsequent backflow.

Prolonged Power Shortage – Extended power outages can cause failure of backflow prevention equipment, leading to contamination of water supplies.

Plumbing Renovation – Some plumbing renovation requires draining all the water from your house. This temporary pressure drop can also cause backflow. However, if your overhaul was done by the experts at Pro Serve, you don’t have to worry about it.

Preventing Water Backflow

Air Gaps – Air Gaps are used to help maintain pressure in the plumbing and prevent water from flowing back into the supply system. While air gaps are an effective solution, they are only practical for a small range of products like toilets and sinks.

Backflow Prevention and Check Valve – This is used to ensure that the wastewater can only move in one direction and not push itself back into the pipe. A backflow preventer should be installed by a professional to work smoothly with your house’s plumbing. Do not try to install the valve by yourself. You might cause more damage to your existing plumbing

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