5 Signs that Your Sewer Lines Are Damaged

Can you smell sewer fumes from your toilets and pipes? It could be a warning sign of a damaged sewer line. Although it is hidden underground, it can wreak a lot of havoc. Sewer lines are the main pipes that carry all the liquid and solid waste away from house.

If sewer lines are damaged, the contents can back up to the pipes of your house. Look for these signs to prevent significant damage to your homes.

Damaged sewer line in Fort Worth

Foul Odor

Strong sewer fumes are often indicative of waste material backing up to your toilet. If your toilets stink constantly, it is best to call a local plumber to inspect your pipes.

Sewage Backup

Clogged pipes can cause sewage to back up in your toilets and overflow into your house, ruining all interior decor and furniture inside your house. Keep the right equipment handy to unclog drains and if you can’t do it, don’t think twice before calling your local plumbers for help.

Lawn Area

You might observe lush greenery near broken sewage lines, as it contains water and nutrients that are incredible manures and can help the grass grow faster. If you notice greener and taller grass in a patch, it could be a clear sign of a sewage backup.


You’ll notice an army of insects like cockroaches, bugs, and sewer flies roaming around your house. Since these insects live in sewer lines, damaged lines give them a route to enter your home. A sudden increase in the number of insects you see in your house could indicate a sewage backup.

Sewer cap leading to the sewer lines

Cracks in Your Foundation

Constant exposure to leaking water eventually starts affecting the foundation of your home. If you notice massive, visible cracks in the foundation of your home, it might be because of leaks from sewage lines that were damaged months ago.

If you notice any of these signs,  you should immediately call your local plumber and get your sewer lines checked. If you’re located in Fort Worth, call us to learn more about our sewer repair services.