5 Reasons Your Sewer Lines Back Up Frequently in Fort Worth, TX

Sewer lines are hidden underground, and their malfunction often goes unnoticed, eventually causing vast amounts of damage to the home and endangering your health. It’s good practice to understand how a sewer drain works and what causes sewer backups to be able to take precautionary measures.

Here are a few reasons that might cause sewer backups in your lines.

Damaged sewer lines leading to sewerage back up

Damaged Sewer Lines

When the pipes are not installed properly, the sewer lines become damaged over time due to corrosion and rusting. So, when the sewer waste is unable to drain due to the build-up at the broken end, the waste backs up. It should be inspected immediately by a professional plumbing service to avoid it from entering your home.

Clogged Pipes

People tend to flush down various insoluble objects down the toilet, which causes sewer pipes to clog. When waste material doesn’t break down, it hinders the flow of the sewerage and creates pressure, leading it to back up towards any and every exit point it can find.

Flushing Items That Can’t Be Flushed

Flushing toilet paper is not a problem as it disintegrates in the water. Other items like feminine hygienic products and wipes that contain cotton absorb water and expand, leading to clogs. Even products like paper, medicine, and cigarette butts form clogs inside the pipes, and cause backflow of sewerage water.

Clogged sewer lines causing sewerage back up

Overgrown Tree Roots Damage the Pipes

Roots of old trees spread out in the ground when they grow. Once they come across the sewerage pipes, they can form holes, block, or burst the pipes through their pressure. It’s best to replace old cement pipes with PVC ones, which are sturdier, less porous and can bear the pressure. It’s also advised to get pipes inspected if there’s a tree near your yard.

Cooking Oil Poured Down the Drain

Cooking oil or any other kind of grease is usually poured down the pipes along with hot water. It can harden up in the water and form solid chunks, which can obstruct the flow of the sewer pipes. It can also stick other materials together, which will have to be cleaned frequently to avoid clogging and sewerage backup.

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