3 Signs That Your Bathroom and Kitchen Need a Plumbing Service

Kitchen and bathrooms are considered the most essential and the dirtiest places in a house. While a home maker’s priority is to make sure the house looks aesthetically pleasing and clean, sometimes self-driven temporary quick fixes cause more harm than good.Dollar bills being burned as a sign of losing money

Here are signs you should never ignore as they indicate your house needs a professional plumbing service ASAP:

1. Low pressure, high water bills


When you open your tap, getting a small, unsteady tickle instead of a full blast of water means your pipelines need an expert plumber for investigation.

Nasty clogs, Foul odors, and leaking pipes may occur when garbage, waste, or debris accumulates in pipes over time. If the DIY salt and vinegar solution didn’t help the tapering water problem, your clogged faucets need a pro as your pipes could have sediment buildups or be fractured or eroded.

Delaying getting help from commercial plumbers will only cost you more money in the long run.

2. Knock knock, who’s there? Bad plumbing!

Clearwater flowing from the pipeline

If you hear a gurgling sound during your cozy showers, or if your dish-cleaning chore is often interrupted by knocking sounds of air in your pipes, you’re experiencing a ‘water hammer’ problem.

Loose valves or support straps in your pipelines, uneven water pressure, bent pipes, and many other reasons can cause this phenomenon resulting in pipeline damages, jerking, and springing leakages. It may also lead to water seeping into your ceiling, and disrupting the hot water lines, consequently damaging your geyser.

To prevent such hissing noises and save cost, time, or further damages, it’s best to consult a pro.

3. What’s that smell?

Woman’s hand covered in different colored debris

Orange, black, brown, yellow, green, blue… these are all the colors your water shouldn’t be.

Over time, build up in your pipelines, brass and copper fittings in the drainage system, heating devices, or water tanks may cause corrosion, rust, mold, and moss, or algae that can get mixed up in the water you consume. If the water is cloudy, it means there’s unwanted air stuck in your pipes. This can make your home reek of odd smells or gasses that are unhealthy for your house’s environment. Not only does it lead to life-threatening infectious diseases, but it can also severely damage the plumbing and overall aesthetics of your home.

Should any of these things happen to you, contact commercial plumbing services right away to avoid further damage.

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