A underground pipe leak that causes a slab leak

If you notice that your home’s floors have incurred water damage or find your carpets damp—along with an outrageous water bill—there’s a high chance that you’ve got a slab leak on your hands.

Ignoring a slab leak isn’t a wise decision. Persistent seepage can fundamentally damage the foundation of your home, leading to a host of issues.

Knowing what causes slab leaks can help you prevent the issue and better manage the situation. Read on for all the information you need:

Improper installation

The main reason for the occurrence of a slab leak is the improper plumbing system installation. During construction, pipes could be bent or dented. When installed, these damaged pipes are vulnerable to water pressure and abrasion, and can sustain cracks over time.

Water pressure

Your home’s plumbing system is equipped to handle a specific volume of water and can withstand a set amount of water pressure. If the pipes experience constant higher pressure, they succumb to the unregulated pressure, leading to a burst pipe.

The joints are most susceptible to this, as they are the weakest links in the plumbing system.

External pressure

Water pressure isn’t the only disruptive force pipes experience. Shifts in the soil can put undue pressure on pipes. The primary causes of this include earthquakes, underground water, and soil erosion.


The pipes located in the slabs can corrode over time due to chemical contact and hard water.

Copper piping is most at risk, as the metal is softer than other alternatives.


Plumbing systems are built to be durable and long-lasting. But, pipes will corrode over time. As they are continually used, they undergo significant damage and wear and tear. Deteriorated pipes are quite susceptible to punctures.

While it may not be possible to avoid leaking pipes altogether, you can take steps to prevent this problem. For one, schedule regular professional inspection and maintenance to make them last longer and function more efficiently.


If you do end up with a slab leak problem on your hands and are looking for slab leak repair options in Fort Worth, contact us. Our technicians are qualified to undertake repairs expertly and promise a job well done. Hesitation won’t do you any good in this situation—connect with our experts immediately.