Gas Line Installation: What You Need To Know

A professional plumber installing a gas piping system in a house

Gas lines supply fuel to multiple appliances in your home. But as convenient as they are, a malfunctioning gas line can be quite dangerous.

That’s why you need a reliable technician to inspect the gas line for any leaks or damage regularly. Early detection can make way for timely repairs, which can prevent a catastrophe.

There may be instances when a plumber advises you to install a new gas line. The process may sound tedious and complicated, but you don’t need to worry; everything you need to know is covered here.

Reasons for a new installation

Several scenarios necessitate a new installation or the replacement of the existing piping system. Here are some of them:

  • When installing new appliances, the current system may not be compatible with them, and you will need a new installation that complements the appliance, such as when shifting from a tank heater to a tankless heater.
  • If your pipes are old and have deteriorated, it’s best to invest in a new installation.
  • Switching from electrical to gas appliances will require you to install a gas line for your home.
  • If you are constructing a new house or renovating your current one, a new installation may be required to serve your plumbing and heating needs.


The materials commonly used for gas piping include black steel, brass, and copper. In some areas, galvanized steel is also used for piping, but the material is growing less popular due to its corrosive nature. Your local plumber will be able to guide you regarding what material is best suited for your area and home.

Common installation issues

When getting a new gas line installed, be mindful of these common mishaps. This knowledge will also help you maintain your gas piping system so it lasts longer.

Damaged seals

Gas lines rely majorly on seals for safe operations. Over time, these seals can crack, get damaged, or break off. They need to be replaced immediately as soon as this happens.

Improper fittings

If the gas pipe fittings are of the wrong size or are incorrectly fixed, you have a major issue on your hands that needs to be fixed urgently. Always ensure that these fittings are appropriately attached to avoid accidents.

Deteriorated connectors

Connectors are a vital part of a gas piping system. However, over time, they corrode naturally, impacting their functionality and efficiency. You must keep a close check on all the connectors to ensure they are in good condition and not heavily corroded. If they are, replace them immediately.

Contact a professional

Installing a gas line is a sensitive job that demands the services of a skilled and qualified technician. Never attempt DIY installations; you could be putting yours and your neighbors’ life in danger if you do so. Not to mention, the task can only be undertaken by licensed professionals.

If you need a reliable and affordable plumber, reach out to our expert technicians at Pro Serve Plumbing. We offer skilled gas line repair and installation services in Fort Worth and surrounding areas. Reach out today to connect with our technicians.