A plumbing leak causing slab leak

With many homes being built on a concrete slab foundation, slab leaks are a common plumbing problem in Fort Worth, They cause significant damage if they go undetected. Due to the complexity of the repairs involved, this isn’t a problem you can DIY. Calling a plumber is your best shot at repairs.

What Are Slab Leaks?

If your house is built on a concrete slab, the plumbing system is encased within this concrete. A pipe leak due to corrosion or high pressure can be disastrous for these structures, and can fundamentally damage your home.


Some common causes of slab leaks are:

  1. Poor installation – If the pipes are installed incorrectly or sustain damage during installation, it will impact their structural integrity, which can lead to leaks.
  2. Ground shifting – Soil erosion and shifting ground beneath the slabs can put undue pressure on the pipes. While the foundation is built to last, frequent shifts can cause cracks and leaks.
  3. Corrosion – The chemicals in the water that runs through the pipes and any chemicals that are used to clean the pipes can damage them. Moreover, when pipes expand and contract with changing temperatures, they rub against the concrete, causing wear and tear. Over time, this abrasion can cause leaks.


A slab leak is far more dangerous than a regular leak, as it affects the foundation of your home. It can weaken the foundational structure of the house, and water can seep into your home as well, damaging flooring and carpets. There is also a high risk of mold growth and termite infestations arising.

What should you do?

There’s no getting around it—you need to call a plumber. Look up plumbing companies near you and find a technician that specializes in slab leaks and fits your budget. They will identify the leak, judge its intensity, and the repairs needed. If your house is old and the pipes are significantly damaged, you might need a replacement.


For the best slab leak repairs in Fort Worth, reach out to us at Pro Serve Plumbing. Our specialists are highly qualified and trained to identify and repair leaks, saving your home from unnecessary damage and expensive repairs.