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Around 8.3 million New York residents suffered from illnesses due to drinking contaminated water containing viruses and other bacteria. In fact, one-fifth of the U.S population has suffered from the consequences of potentially unsafe drinking and sanitization water.

In the USA, local water systems have been victims of industrial garbage disposal, farming population, and drainage deterioration for over six decades. The WHO director-general, Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, states that a safe and hygienic water supply is a utility for all classes as one of the primary human health requirements. Therefore, all countries must ensure everyone’s access to clean water.

Despite these regulations, many US residents suffer from a contaminated water supply. Fortunately, water purification services from qualified plumbers offering emergency plumbing can help people acquire clean water conveniently.

Here’s why clean drinking and sanitation water is essential for everyone.

Increased Nourishment

Water is equivalent to life. 60% of our bodies consist of water, which means we require a sufficient water intake to function every day. Adequate hydration is key to keep our physiological systems healthy and well-maintained.

Moreover, our body organs and consistent blood circulation significantly depends on water consumption, which helps disperse nutrients to every cell of our body.

Prevention of Diseases

Consuming polluted water can cause fatal medical illnesses like hepatitis A, cholera, and typhoid. As a result, water with viruses and toxins puts people at an increased risk of getting sick all the time. It’s especially alarming when people access water coming from contaminated sewages and industries.

A simple way to ensure your house’s water supply’s cleanliness is to opt for water filtration systems by a qualified plumber.

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Safe Food Production

While we usually take water for granted during food preparation and processing operations, it’s critical to consider it when ensuring food safety. Water is the primary component of food production in houses. Apart from being an essential ingredient, its usage is inevitable at various cooking stages.

Unsafe water in food products leads to increased health risks, revenue loss, and decreased product quality. Employing emergency plumbing services to install water filtration systems can significantly diminish such hazards.

Adequate Sanitation

Millions of people lose their lives due to improper sanitation and water supply every year. In fact, pneumonia and diarrhea are the leading causes of death among children with access to a dirty water supply. Moreover, poor sanitation at workplaces is why 20% of workplace deaths lead to $260 billion annual productivity loss.

All aspects of our lives ranging from washing dishes and bathing to cooking and cleaning, require clean water. Adequately filtered water supply can help ensure you and your family are secure from the risks of contaminated water at all times.

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Ensure you and your family’s safety by opting for emergency plumbing services in Arlington, TX. Our licensed technicians at Pro Serve Plumbers provide guaranteed water purification services to ensure consistent access to safe and healthy water. Contact us today!