How Can Sanitary System Overflows (SSO) Be Prevented

water draining into sewer

If you are tired of seeing your local sanitary system overflowing and want to change things for the better, you will first need to begin with the cause behind it. Sanitary systems are designed to handle large amounts of sewage waste. However, sometimes they’re overworked and overloaded with all kinds of filth and sediments. This ultimately results in them overflowing frequently.

Sanitary system overflows are inconvenient to the locals, as they are not only unpleasant to look at, but they also contribute to health problems within a locality. Plumbing service providers recommend that it’s better to pay heed to what disposables and other liquids are being flushed down the drain, which are ultimately causing sanitary systems to overflow.

Causes behind Sanitary System Overflows (SSO)

Are you guilty of pouring grease and used cooking oil down the kitchen drain?

Fats and oils are the most common culprits behind sanitary system overflows. These greasy liquids hinder the movement and flow of sewage water and cause obstructions in the sewage system.

Moreover, the disposal of wipes and often sanitary napkins results in similar blockages in the clean system. These items are not flushable and should always be discarded in separate waste bins.

Sanitary systems need to be cleaned regularly by drain cleaning service providers in Mansfield. They should be thoroughly inspected, and any repairs in order should be performed without any delay.

Water going down the drain

How to Prevent SSO?

Sanitary systems can overflow even after taking these precautions. Natural causes might be at play in blocking these systems. Tree root blockages and rain or stormwater run-off can overwhelm the sanitary system and cause it to overflow. It is recommended that trees and other ornamental plants should not be planted close to sewer lines, as they can cause blockages in the sanitary system. Moreover:

  • The public should be made aware of what liquids (and sometimes solids) are allowed to go down the drain. This can be done by running awareness campaigns through flyers, articles, and even social media posts.
  • Making the use of kitchen and shower drains should be made standard practice.
  • Greasy dishes not only clog our arteries but our drains too. Grease or oils should be collected separately before cleaning the dirty dishes. This small pre-treatment measure can go a long way and prevent sanitary system overflow in the long run.
  • Food scraps and leftover pieces should be discarded in the garbage bin.

Sewer line repair service in Mansfield should be contacted immediately after a sanitary system overflows. Letting the overflow sit and ferment is not ideal as it becomes a breeding ground for diseases and allergies. Pro Serve Plumbing offers exceptional sewer and drain cleaning service in Mansfield. They provide skilled workmanship that is licensed and trained to perform their job.