3 Reasons To Avoid Liquid Drain Cleaner

Stubborn debris, grime, and food leftovers can clog drains over time. When something like this happens, most people’s first instinct is to clear out the mess as soon as possible. You might turn to instant, but toxic, ways of cleaning out clogs—like using liquid drain cleaners—to achieve this.

After pouring bottles and bottles of liquid cleaner down the drain, you happily sit back and relax, thinking you’ve dealt with the problem effectively. But the truth is, you’ve given rise to a multitude of other problems. Using a liquid drain cleaner might be an instant solution for drain clogs, but in the long-term, it opens a plumbing Pandora’s Box.

The following are some reasons why you should ditch liquid drain cleaners:

Drain Cleaners Are Toxic

Liquid cleaners are made from abrasive chemicals with high toxicity levels. The fumes from these chemicals are unsafe to inhale and irritate your throat, nose, and eyes.

Moreover, these abrasive chemicals harm the environment around you, as well. While you can flush your drain after using them, these unnatural chemicals intermingle with the water. Some residue might even end up in landfills, which can play a huge part in contaminating the soil.

Corrodes Your Plumbing Pipes

The same chemicals that dissolve the clog in your drainpipe are strong enough to dissolve the pipe itself. The central compound in your liquid cleaner is hydrochloric acid, which is known to dissolve everything it comes in contact with.

Hence, the higher the more liquid drain cleaner you use, the faster your drain pipes will develop leaks, dissolve, and break, leaving you with a more extensive problem on your hands.

Drain Cleaners Might Not Always Work

Drain cleaners aren’t the answer to all of your drain problems. More often than not, broken pipes or backups at the end of the sewer line cause the issue. Pouring a liquid drain cleaner down your drain line under such circumstances will do nothing except destroy a completely intact drainpipe.


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