Why Is There Noise Coming From My Water Heater?

Why Is There Noise Coming From My Water Heater?

The water heater is perhaps the most overworked piece of mechanical equipment around your house. Despite this, homeowners often pass up on water heater repairs, assuming that it’ll do its job just fine without maintenance.

But water heater problems often arrive without notice; from strange sounds to a full-blown rupture, things can get real bad, real fast.

To dwell on the former for a bit, it’s essential to identify the type and source of these noises as soon as possible. You need to pay extra attention to water heater maintenance to avoid protracted and potentially dangerous plumbing crises.

The following are some of the most common sounds a water heater makes when it’s about to give up:

Popping Sounds

This is usually an indication that your water heater has built up an excessive load of sediments and mineral deposits near the bottom. This problem usually occurs in areas that receive hard water. Sand, debris, lime, calcium, and other mineral deposits can travel through your water supply and settle down at the bottom of your water heater.

The buildup will eventually cause gunk to get trapped under the layer of sediment. When you turn your water heater on, the steam from the water trapped under the sediment has nowhere to escape.

The inescapable steam bubbles cause the popping sounds.


These sound like that there’s something stuck in your water heater that’s trying to get out, and are usually an indication of restricted water flow around the inlet control valve of your water heater.

They occur when debris, sand, or other types of sediment close the valve partially and prevent water from flowing freely through the pipes.

Crackling Sounds

Crackling sounds are usually associated with gas-powered water heaters. When your water heater starts making crackling sounds, it’s an indication that there’s condensation on the burner.

While the noise might be annoying, it doesn’t indicate a huge problem. If it doesn’t go away for some time, however, get in touch with a plumbing service that offers water repair services.


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