a person cleaning a fork on the kitchen sink

A leaking garbage disposal could damage the cabinet under your sink pretty quickly and leave your floor a mess. If left alone, it can also cause more extensive water damage in your home.

To help you address the problem, we’ve outlined a list of the top three reasons why garbage disposals leak and how to fix it.

1. Corroded Sink Flange

How to spot?Garbage disposal leaking from the top.

Garbage disposals are attached to the kitchen sink with a flange and some plumber’s putty to further seal the joint. The flange can corrode over time and loosen, which causes leakage from the top of the sink.

How to fix it? Re-sealing the garbage disposal

Start by separating the unit and cleaning off the old plumber’s putty. You can replace the flange and re-seal using fresh putty after attaching it back. Some disposals only use a flange that is sealed using screws. If that seems to be the case, then you’ll likely have to replace the corroded screws with new ones.

2. Broken seal inside the garbage disposal

How to spot?Garbage disposalstarts leaking from the bottom.

If you see water leaking out from under the disposal (as opposed to flowing down from the top), then it’s likely that the garbage disposal unit is damaged internally. Seals can wear and break down over time due to rough use.

How to fix it? Get a new garbage disposal unit

Unless your garbage disposal unitis still covered by a warranty, then it’s best to get a new one. Taking it apart to fix or replace a seal inside is more hassle than it’s worth.

a person repairing garbage disposal under the kitchen sink

3. Loose Drain Lines

How to spot? Garbage disposal leaking on one side.

You might find a leak at the point where drain lines intersect. The smaller hose in your garbage disposal is where the dishwasher drains water, while the larger pipe drains water into thesewer.

How to fix it? Tighten the connection

Tighten the metal clamp connected to the garbage disposal with a screwdriver. If this doesn’t stop the leak, try tightening the screws or replacing the rubber gasket inside the main drain line.

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