What’s In Your Water? ‘X’ Toxins that are Found in Unfiltered Tap Water


Unfiltered water is widely consumed all across the US. Almost 85% Americans drink tap water. It’s inexpensive, easily accessible and doesn’t pose any major threats to health-right? Well, not really.

It’s a common misconception that tap water has no health hazards. According to recent study by Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), more than 70 million people face adverse effects of unfiltered water as it contains contaminants like copper lead and arsenic.

Therefore, consuming unfiltered water isn’t a good idea. Here is a list of contaminants that are found in unfiltered water.


It’s the most common disinfectant used to remove pathogens and bacteria from water. From tap water to swimming pool, it’s widely used as a cleaning agent. But this chemical is hazardous for humans. When chlorine is ingested, it attacks the good bacteria in our body and weakens the immune system. It also causes respiratory diseases, memory loss and fatal diseases like cancer.


It’s not just your toothpaste that contains fluoride. Tap water is enriched with this chemical to prevent tooth cavities. However, excessive consumption of fluoride may lead to several health issues including osteosarcoma, which is a form of bone cancer. It may also damage brain tissues, affecting your immune system.


Arsenic is another toxin found in unfiltered water and is known for its cancer causing nature. It exists naturally on earth and becomes a part of water flowing through rivers and mountains. This poisonous inorganic chemical can cause various kinds of cancer like skin, lungs and bladder cancer. To save yourself from the harmful effects of arsenic, drink safe filtered water.

Heavy Metals:

Heavy metals include lead and mercury which are commonly found in tap water. Lead becomes a part of our water supply when water passes through old rusty pipes while mercury comes from industrial waste. They are highly dangerous if ingested specially for pregnant women and infants.


Polychlorinated biphenyls are used commonly in industrial machines. This poison was banned in 1970 but surprisingly it’s still a part of our water supply. The waste material of PCB still contaminates our lands and mixes with water. It affects the human reproductive, nervous and endocrine systems the most.



Pesticides are widely used to remove insects from harvest. They become a part of our rivers and lakes when rainwater washes off the crops and flows into the natural resources. These chemicals affect human health to a great extent and shouldn’t be consumed at any cost.

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