What to Do When Tree Roots Invade your Sewer Line

Tree roots in sewer line

Tree roots are sewer line poison. Once fully grown, they can cause massive destruction. What’s worse is that a sewer line provides an ideal environment for tree roots to grow.

It’s crucial to prevent this from happening because removing tree roots from a sewer line is very difficult. They can cause severe pipe leakage if not fixed on time. On average the cost to replace a sewer line ranges from $50 to $125 per foot. So, it’s a smart choice to inspect it regularly. Regular inspection performed every three months will make you aware of the pipe’s existing condition enabling you to make more informed decisions about it’s replacement.

If you face blockage in your sewer line, it’s more likely to have plantation growing inside it. Don’t panic; follow the given steps:

Act fast

The first step involves acting promptly, if any tree roots are detected. Ignoring the problem would just make it worse. If you detect tree roots growth, then act fast. Contact a professional plumber like Pro Serve Plumbers for a sewer line replacement in Fort Worth, Texas.

Mechanically Remove It

Mechanical removal of tree roots involves a particular machine that needs to be sent down the pipe. This machine consists of sharp blades which cut through the roots allowing the waste to flow down and into the gutter. We suggest you leave this job to a professional.

Chemically Remove It

chemical removal

Another effective method of removing the tree roots involves putting some chemicals down the sewer line. These chemicals burn the plantation, eliminating the growth. We advise you to seek professional help for this from Pro Serve Plumbers for sewer line replacement in Forth Worth, Houston.

How to Prevent Tree Root Intrusion?

Prevention is better than cure. Don’t lay the foundations of your sewer pipes near a plantation. Similarly, don’t do any landscaping near the pipes. This will quickly cause tree roots intrusion.

Another way of stopping tree roots from intervening with the sewer line is by creating a barrier between tree roots and the sewer line. A sturdy barrier between the sewer line pipe and the plantation will keep tree roots from entering the pipe.

In cases you need sewer line replacement in Fort Worth, Texas. Then give us a call. Our professional team of experts will inspect the sewer line and replace it with a new one if needed. Call us at 817-244-0614 for sewer pipe replacement and repair.