Gas stovetop with a low flame

Gas is utilized by many appliances in your home. It’s used to power your gas stove, water heater, and even the furnace. Gas leaks in your home come unexpectedly and pose a major threat to your family and property. They can potentially cause serious damage to the underlying pipe system of your home as well. As a homeowner, it’s essential to know the dangers and causes of pipe leaks in your home.

Gas leaks also make your home uncomfortable to live in due to the pungent rotten egg odor they cause. Although natural gas is odorless, the odor is added to give people a warning of a leak.

Here are some common causes of gas leaks homeowners should be aware of:

Faulty appliances

Since many appliances rely on gas to create heat, they can also contribute toward a gas leak. As these appliances get old, the seals that connect the pipe to the appliance corrode, causing a gas leak. Maintenance of the appliances and gas lines is essential to preventing dangerous gas leaks in your home.

Old pipes

If your home is quite old, the gas lines have probably been around for a while. Old pipes begin to rust and corrode, becoming considerably weak. The pressure of the gas, along with the weak pipes, causes cracks along the system and leads to gas leaks. These can increase your utility bills significantly. If your natural gas bill has increased compared to previous months, have the gas lines inspected by a professional.

gas line

Poor piping

Under every home is a maze of pipes that brings gas into the connectors of your appliances. If these pipes aren’t laid out and installed correctly, there will be gas leaks. Make sure the gas pipes are inspected for loose connections and other installation issues.

Lack of ventilation

High carbon dioxide levels are emitted by malfunctioning appliances. Carbon dioxide is a byproduct of heat-generating appliances. While larger appliances are able to remove the excess carbon dioxide via a chimney or exhaust fan, smaller ones cannot. If the chimney gets clogged or the exhaust isn’t working, carbon dioxide can fill up your home. This can cause health implications, like rapid heartbeat, arrhythmia, dizziness, etc. Carbon dioxide levels should be in check in your home.

An undetected gas leak can wreak havoc on your home and your health. Have our reliable plumbers take care of your gas line issues. Our affordable service inspects your home’s gas lines and repairs the damage. Get in touch with us for a gas line repair in Fort Worth. Call +1-817-244-0614 for an emergency service.