4 Signs Your Gas Line Is In Dire Need Of Repair

Gas stovetop with a low flame

Has your home started to smell like rotten eggs lately? You checked your fridge and pantry, but there’s not decaying food to be found. So, where could this stench be emanating from?

The smell of rotten eggs is usually associated with sulfur. It’s a very unpleasant smell that usually indicates something is wrong.

As a homeowner, you need to be aware of all the possible issues that can arise in your home and become a potential hazard. Suspicious smells, like rotten eggs, should get the alarms ringing. Instead of trying to get rid of the odor by using air freshener, try to locate the source of the smell. This odor can be a sign that your gas line needs repair.

Get in touch with a gas line repair service in Arlington as soon as you can since gas leaks can be very dangerous. Here are some signs that your gas line requires repair:

Rusting and corrosion

Moisture is one of the main reasons for rusting and corrosion. While moisture shouldn’t come in contact with your home’s gas line, sometimes, it does happen. The metal gas line begins to corrode or rust and, as a result, weakens the pipe. If you’ve noticed some rusting on the gas pipe, have it inspected by a professional immediately. Your home might require re-piping if the damage is extensive.

Slowing down appliances

Gas powers many appliances at home, from the stovetop to the water heater. Any leaks in the gas pipes affect the efficiency of these appliances. If your water heater is taking way too long to heat up or your stove’s flame isn’t as strong as it was before, there could be a gas leak somewhere.

Killing indoor plants


Indoor plants are relatively easy to take care of. They don’t require much water or sunlight, making them ideal for adding some color and freshness indoors. If the plants inside your home have started wilting away recently, it could mean the composition of the air in your home has changed in some way. Withering plants can signal a gas leak; even a small gas leak can kill your indoor plants.

Utility bills are skyrocketing

If you’ve noticed a significant increase in your utility bills in the past month, there could be a leak in your home’s gas line. A crack in the pipe can lead to gas leakage, increasing your home’s consumption and causing your utility bills to skyrocket.

Have a reliable plumber inspect your gas line to determine whether there’s a leak or not. Gas leaks can put your family and property in danger and should be dealt with immediately.

An undetected gas leak can wreak havoc on your home and your health. Have our reliable plumbers take care of your gas line issues. Get in touch with us for a gas line repair in Arlington. Call +1-817-244-0614 for emergency services.