The Risks of Leaking Pipes to Your Electrical Systems

Leaky pipes are one of the leading causes for electrical problems across both residential and commercial properties. Statistics indicate that 51,000 cases of electrical fires were reported in the previous year—accounting for 500 death, 1400 injuries and $1.3 billion dollars worth of damages. Many of these incidences were reported to have been caused by leaky plumbing and faulty insulation. Considering the cost of electrical fires and the role of leaky pipes in causing the fires, everyone needs to look out for suspicious leaks that might cause fires.

Faulty wiring and faulty plumbing combined can effectively cause a major fire. Detecting the signs of either of the two faults can help significantly reduce the risk of property fires—this blog will describe the entire process.

The Role of Leaky Plumbing in Electrical Fires

Short of a brand new wiring set-up, it’s very likely that the protective insulation over the wires has worn away. Pests, wear and tear and moisture erode away the wiring cover to expose the wires underneath. While this exposure itself can cause electrical fires, the risk gets higher because your pipes are often passing over the wires. Even the slightest leaks in your pipes, if they’re dripping on exposed bits of wiring, can cause sparks and short circuits. Over time, as more of the wire burns away, the dripping water can create bigger sparks which set fire to the surrounding construction material.

Signs of Leaky Pipes

You should keep an eye out for both electrical faults and leaky plumbing to reduce the risk of big electrical fires. The signs of leaky pipes include:

  • Dark patches across your walls—these dark patches are probably caused by leaking pipes because the water is seeping through the construction material.
  • Mold on the walls—Mold thrives on moisture, the water content in the walls often allows for mold growth.
  • Darker patches in your gardens—Your pipes carry water that’s rich in nutrients contained in human waste, leaky pipes let the water out in your gardens for better grass.

Signs of Electrical Faults

Before you have a full blown electrical fire on your hands, you’ll observe certain electrical malfunctions as well. Some signs of faulty wiring include:

  • Voltage fluctuations
  • Sparks in your electrical outlets
  • Consistently malfunctioning appliances
  • Flickering lights

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