Foundation Damages and Concrete Slab Leaks: How Does a Leak Damage Your Foundation

Leaking pipes, bent walls, cracked glasses and uneven floors are commonplace if you don’t get your foundations routinely inspected. With unstable foundations the least you can expect are architectural problems and at the worst, your home could collapse altogether. In either scenario your property will lose value and you might even suffer fatal injuries.

One of most common causes of foundation damages are concrete sewer slab leaks. With consistent water damage your foundations can crack or shift, threaten the overall architectural integrity of your home.

The Ways in Which Slab Leaks Affect Foundations

Home foundations are vertical concrete pillars that hold up your home. These foundations are often surrounded by sewers that run beneath your home and are always under risk of damage from even the smallest leaks. Some common problems for foundations because of leaking sewers include:

Shifting Soil

Variations in water content of the soil surrounding your foundations can make the soil shift. As the soil composition changes, it’s prone to move around and take the foundations along with it.  The foundation shift can force them to sink deeper, tilt sideways or even crack altogether. The soil content in Texas and Fort Worth is especially susceptible to shifts because of moisture, presenting an ever increasing risk of foundation collapse. You should consult with a professional sewage system and foundation repair service immediately if you detect signs of foundation damage.

Seepage into Foundations

In the event of consistent exposure to water, the foundations begin absorbing water. Over time, the greater water content in foundations softens them up and the weight bearing down on the surroundings creates cracks which affect their overall integrity. Water seepage into foundations is one of more frequent causes of foundation damages in Texas.

Common Signs of Foundation Damages

People often ignore the more subtle signs of foundation damage, putting these signs onto some other architectural problem like termites or leaking pipes much to their detriment. It’s safer just to know what these signs are if you want to avoid any unfortunate incidents in the future.

  • Sagging walls
  • Paint that peels off
  • Uneven floors
  • Shifting doorframes
  • Windows don’t close properly
  • Recurrent plumbing problems

If you notice any of these signs of foundation damage, you should get in touch with us at Pro Serve Plumbing in Fort Worth, Arlington and other areas in Texas. We’ve offered high quality slab leak and gas line repair services throughout the state for years. Our services include gas leak detection and gas line repairs as well as slab leak repairs. Call us now at: 817-244-0614 or send us a message for more information.