What Scaling Means for Your Fort Worth Water Heater

Fort Worth homes get their municipal water from six water sources, including Eagle Mountain Lake, Cedar Creek, Lake Bridgeport, Lake Worth, Benbrook Lake, and Richland-Chambers Reservoir.

Water is sourced from these water bodies and treated at water treatment plants before it is pumped to the area residents.

While this water is clean, healthy and safe to drink, it is high in mineral content, which makes it bad for a variety of household appliances, including your water heater.

Hard water causes scaling in water heaters.

The minerals found in hard water, deposit on the walls and surfaces of your water heater tank, a process known as scaling. This makes your water heater less efficient.

Scaling also wears down the bottom of your water heater tank, which significantly reduces the life of your water heater.

Does that mean “tankless” water heaters are immune to the scaling effects of hard water?

Absolutely not!

Scaling in tankless water heaters directly affects the heating coils:

  • It coats the coils and keeps them from heating the water properly.
  • Additionally, it eats away at the coils, prompting repairs and premature replacements.

How can you tell if a water heater has scaling?

Typically, you’ll hear noises coming from the water heater while running it. These noises can be crackling sounds, popping noises or loud bangs. They are produced by the mineral deposits shuffling inside the water heater.

What should you do if your water heater has scaling?

Reach out to a professional plumber in Fort Worth and request for a water heater service. During the service, the plumber will flush out the minerals from the tank to clean your water heater from the inside.

How to prevent scale buildup in your water heater?

There are a couple of ways through which you can prevent scale buildup in your water heater:

  • You can install a water filter on the inlet of your water heater to filter out the minerals. However, for better elimination of mineral ions, use a whole-house water softener.
  • Get your water heater serviced by a professional every twelve months

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