Plumber checking for sewage problems

Keeping ourselves and our surroundings clean is not just crucial for aesthetic reasons, but also for our health. Studies have shown that many diseases can arise from untreated sewage problems.

Instead of putting your health at risk or waiting until the last moment to find a solution, here are a few signs that indicate a need to call a sewage repair plumber to your home for an inspection.

Rotten Egg Odor

In the case of a faulty sewage line, you can smell it before you see it. If you identify a strange, almost rotten smell from your drains, the chances are that it’s due to a problem in your sewage pipeline.

A well-maintained sewer is tightly sealed and has no way of emitting harmful and smelly gases. So, if you smell an odor, the chances are that there is a crack in your sewer lines. The best remedy is calling a plumber to inspect the source and fix it before the smell becomes unbearable!

Patches of Green Grass

Patch of green grass growing near leaking sewage pipe

A lush and green lawn is always a great sign! But if the healthy grass appears at random in patches, it might be a sign of a problem.

A patchy green lawn is a prominent sign of a sewage leak. Cracks in the sewage line lead to seepage that acts as fertilizer and gives the ground more nutrients. This, in turn, leads to healthier looking grass.

You might not see it as a problem immediately, but the leakage can quickly turn your green lawn into a boggy and smelly area.

To be extra sure, call a sewage repair plumber for an inspection.

Rodent Infestation

The sight of a rogue rat in your house can be terrifying. The best solution is to find out exactly where they may be coming from and dealing with the problem at the source. Sometimes, rodent problems can arise due to a crack in a sewage line!

It’s no secret that rats live in the filthiest of places, sewers being one of them. They travel through pipelines within the city’s mainline and usually keep to themselves.

However, a crack in your pipe might just be big enough for a rat to squeeze its way through and get inside your home. Hire a sewage line plumber to seal your cracked sewage pipes and save your home from infestations!

Call for An Inspection Today

An inspection of your sewer lines may save you both time and money in the future. If you want to get your sewer pipelines checked, or are experiencing any warning signs, be sure to drop us a message at Pro Serve Plumbing. Our team of expert sewer line repair technicians can fix all your problems.