Common Mistakes That Cause Frequent Sewer Line Disruptions

Sewer drain in danger of being clogged by fall leaves

Your sewer line is the backbone of your home’s plumbing. It’s tasked with taking all the waste and gunk away from your sinks, toilets, and bathtubs. Even a small clog could destroy this meticulous system, leading to water backing up.

Homeowners don’t pay much attention to their waste disposal habits, which can lead to significant sewer pipeline issues. Here are a few mistakes that have disastrous consequences.

Grease and Waste Disposal

Often, homeowners don’t give much thought to what they flush or toss down the drain. This is where the problem begins!

Although a seemingly innocuous decision, pouring hot grease down the drain can cause a lot of problems. When hot, it travels down the pipe, but as its temperature cools, the grease solidifies.

This solid grease can collect over time, causing a blockage. Similarly, food waste that’s tossed in the garbage disposal can make its way into the pipes. This is eventually going to cause large clogs, which will generate heaps of trouble.

Tree Roots

Tree roots that could seep into the underground pipes, causing sewage line disruptions

This one you can blame on mother nature! Unlike most plumbing problems, tree root blockages happen from the outside. If you live in a house with old plumbing, you may run into this problem.

Most older pipes are not as structurally sound as they once were. When shrubs and trees grow, they start moving toward the direction of water. Eventually, they might infiltrate your pipes in hopes of finding water. Unfortunately, this is a challenging problem to fix and needs a plumber that specializes in sewer line repair.

Sagging Sewer Line

Sometimes, the issue is with the sewer line itself!

Your sewage pipeline relies on gravity to help move waste along it. Over time, due to the shift of the soil, the pipeline may develop a “pot-bellied” shape. Once it does so, it may end up accumulating waste in one spot, causing a blockage.

Unfortunately, no home remedies can fix this, and you will have to call a plumber to help get a sewer line replacement done.

Get Assistance

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