A plumber from Fort Worth repairing sink drains.

Christmas is right around the corner! Before you get your turkey ready for dinner—don’t forget to clean the house from top to bottom. When we say cleaning, we mean everything ranging from the upholstery to the drains. Don’t pick up a drain snake and get to the task right away; here are a few dos and don’ts to keep in mind first:

Do install a drain filter.

This is one of the most inexpensive ways to keep your drains from clogging up. You won’t have to get it professionally cleaned every now and then if all the buildup gets trapped in the filter instead. Get a drain filter that doesn’t retain larger materials such as food products and hair, instead of flushing down. All you need to do is empty the filter by the end of the day and throw away the residue in the bin. After this, clean the filter before putting it back in the sink.

Don’t use commercial draining cleaning solutions.

A store-bought drain cleaner will only get rid of the surface area grime and grease. It won’t necessarily address any underlying issues such as clogs or blockages. Other than that, most commercial drain cleaners are also too chemically concentrated and harmful for your drains in the long run. The chemicals can cause structural damage to the pipes, resulting in leaks. Dealing with pipe repair could be much more expensive than just opting for professional drain cleaning. Your local plumbers will have the right tools and expertise to clean the drains without causing any long-term issues.

A plumber from Fort Worth inspecting drain pipes.

Do get the sewer lines professionally jetted.

A blocked drain isn’t always caused by a clog. At times, it also happens if the sewer lines become clogged. Only a professional plumber can take a look and diagnose the problem and jet the sewer lines clean. Sewer jetting is a professional plumbing procedure in which the plumber uses high-pressure water to eliminate any waste or debris that’s causing the debris. You can rent a sewer jet, but we don’t recommend attempting to use the equipment on your own. You might end up causing more damage to the sewer lines and yourself.

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