Two professional plumbers carrying out drain cleaning.

Having the right type of plumbing tools not only makes repair easier but also more cost-effective. In fact, most plumbing repairs are virtually impossible if you don’t have the right tools. If you’re someone who likes DIY-ing their way through drain cleaning, these tools are must-haves:

Drain snakes

Drain snakes are also known as augers. These are more effective than plungers, which are one of the basic plumbing tools that most homeowners already have. Unfortunately, plungers only work for basic clogs and won’t be too effective against stubborn blockages.

These elongated, metal tools can catch, dislodge, and eliminate whatever’s blocking your drain, far better than a standard plunger. If you feel like your drain snake isn’t doing the job, get a professional plumber to use their professional-grade auger. Drain snakes are also kind of risky to use and are better handled by the pros.

Plumbing hardware

Most standards plumbing fixes and repairs require several hardware tools. These include basin and pipe wrenches, hacksaws, pliers, metal files, pipe cutters, and tubing cutters. You’d need at least a few—if not all—to get rid of severe drain clogs.

You need these to remove drain traps, loosen or tighten the drain top, install fittings, and keep the drainage system working. Your plumbing toolbox must also comprise wire brushes. These are used to clean some of the gunk after you’ve removed the blockage. The brush works similarly to how a toothbrush works. Instead of toothpaste, you’ll need some soap and hot water.

A professional plumber carrying out drain cleaning.


Tongue-and-groove pliers are two of the most common types of pliers needed for almost any type of plumbing job—including drain cleaning. This tool comes with angled jaws, adjustment options, and long handles. The standard plier is 10-inches long; however, smaller and larger sizes are also available to match the job. You need pliers to remove the bathtub drain or tighten/loosen the drain traps. Professional plumbers also use a plumbing plier to stabilize a pipe while conducting any type of repairs.

Ideally, drain cleaning requires a lot more than just the right tools. Without the right expertise and experience, none of these tools would be of much help. To avoid expensive repairs down the line, we don’t recommend trying your luck with drain cleaning DIYs. Please leave it to the pros. Pro Serve Plumbing will be glad to clean your drains with the required finesse. Here are the details. We are serving in Arlington, Fort Worth, and Mansfield.