The Destructive Power Of Water: Stopping Water Hammer Damage In Its Tracks

Water hammering is a very powerful force that can occur in any plumbing system. The main reason behind it is frequent and abrupt changes in water flow.

Most people can recognize the existence of water hammering in residential plumbing systems, but only professionals realize the disastrous impact it can have.

Why Does Water Hammer In Pipes?

If the water supply is not regulated properly, the water in your home’s pipes can experience hammering every time there is a change in flow.

The technical term for water hammering is ‘hydraulic shock.’ The phenomenon also occurs when the flow of water suddenly stops or changes direction abruptly.

The hammering or banging sound you hear is the result of the shock waves generated within the plumbing pipes—the shock forces the pipes to move and/or strike against each other. In addition to being loud and annoying, the force of a water hammer can be so disastrous that it can rupture the pipes or loosen the joints.

The following are some ways in which a plumber can fix water hammering in your plumbing system:

Secure Loose Plumbing Joints

If your pipes aren’t fitted properly or if the plumbing joints have loosened over time, even a mild shock can cause loud hammering noises.

However, a small shockwave may not be able to damage the pipes. You can prevent any further damage by tightening the joints that have loosened.

Install An Air Chamber

Installing a short vertical pipe segment in close proximity to the valves can stop a water hammer from occurring.

This method is known as an air chamber, and works by creating a cushion for the water to rebound from every time it changes direction.

Install Water Shock Arrestors

Water shock arrestors are a more reliable and sophisticated form of shock absorption for water hammering.

They work well in situations where installing an air chamber is not an option. Water shock arrestors mitigate a water hammer developing by absorbing the water movement with the help of a spring and air bladder.

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