The foundations of your house consist of a plumbing system. This underground network of pipes can suffer damage and lead to leakage, and this is known as slab leakage.

The problem can silently aggravate into a chronic issue because a) it’s difficult to identify in its early stages, and b) also a challenge to reach.

The damaged water or sewer lines are underground and treating them means excavating the ground and descending into the depths of the problem. Breaking through the concrete slab laid at the base of your house can be a challenging task and only an expert can do it.

Neglecting the problem can cause further weaken the foundations of your home and cause irreparable damage. Here are some negative outcomes that you can easily avoid with a professional plumbing service.

Ruined Flooring

If your house is paneled with wooden floors, you’d know just how bad moisture is for wood. But slab leaks can turn into a major problem and damage your wooden panels.

The consequences of water damage don’t spare tiled floor or carpeting either. Water seepage in the floors can lead to waterlogged carpeting, which can develop into a potential source of diseases if left unaddressed. The people living indoors can be exposed to non-fatal but severe respiratory complications, asthma, and even cystic fibrosis.

Weakened Foundations

Any damage to the foundation of your architectural structure is a risk to safety. Chronic slab leaks can cause swelling in concrete structures. This can cause cracks to appear in the concrete or put further pressure on the pipes and lead to damage.

Your foundations can also move from their original place, which is a threat to the integrity of the entire structure. This can cause fatal damage in the event of an earthquake and Aledo has an earthquake index value of 0.02.

Damaged Yard

If you’re fond of the yard in your house, you wouldn’t want a chronic slab leak to ruin it. But leaks can stem from anywhere, depending on where the underground damage is located. This can be a risk to the landscape and damage plants and trees as well!


Cracked floors and water damage are as much of an eyesore as bad odor of sewage leaks is unbearable for your nose! Any damage to the network of sewage lines can release sewage waste underground, making your house smell like a dirty toilet (or worse).

You don’t want the smell to start affecting the health of people living inside. It’s better to call emergency plumbers at once.

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