With a population of 4,674 in Aledo, TX, according to the recent United States census, this city ranks as the 375th largest one in the state.

Records from 2017 show that on average, there were 3.35 people per household. This means that plumbing problems in one household will put 3.35 people in trouble!

With a mean household income of $106,491 for sustaining more than 3 people in every household, affording extra expenses such as plumbing repairs can be difficult. However, delaying to get the job done can pile up more expenses in your bill.

Here are some common problems that usually occur at homes and need to be treated urgently.

· Dripping Faucets

Leaking faucets are some of the most common residential plumbing problems to occur. It’s more than a torturous sound in the silence of the night; it can lead to expensive water bills and immense water loss. If you’re an environmental enthusiast, you should know that by neglecting the issue you’re wasting 3000 gallons of water over a year!

Faucets tend to leak because of damage to the internal washer that wears out with time or dislodges entirely. It’s better to call a professional in for an examination before trying any DIY tricks on it yourself.

· Slow Drainage

Does it take hours for the water to drain and sink to clear after you’re done doing the dishes? Kitchen sinks often get clogged by congealed fat, food bits, or other waste material.

Homeowners often use plungers to resolve the issue. While this may work sometimes, it’s not a foolproof technique. Failure to treat the problem immediately might cause more damage over the long run.

· Clogged Toilet

You might carelessly throw used toilet paper in the toilet bowl but that can cause serious plumbing problems for you. Combined with human waste, this can clog your toilet drain. If the blockage is severe, using a plunger will not help. You need a professional plumber to dislodge the clogged waste with a drain auger or a sewer snake.

· Faulty Water Heater

Winter showers can become painful if your water heater stops working. A water heater can fail because of a number of issues. There might be a build-up of sediment lining the tank floor. At other times, it can be because of thermostat issues. Only an experienced plumber will be able to diagnose the problem and treat it effectively.

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