You might think you don’t need to re-pipe your plumbing system until and unless there’s a huge plumbing emergency. This is where you could be causing lots of potential damage to the value of your home.

Re-piping services done right and in a timely manner can not only save you a lot of trouble and money for expensive repairs but they have a host of other benefits as well. This includes a significant reduction in your water bills because you’re wasting less water due to faulty pipes that leak.

According to statistics, 10% of homes in the United States have minor plumbing leaks that can waste up to 90 gallons of water or even more every day!

This is bad for the environment and goes against any water conservation measures you might want to take. Other benefits include better water pressure and an efficient water plumbing system.

What are some of the signs you should watch out for to know when it’s the right time to avail re-piping services?

Rusty water

Is there even such a thing? Unfortunately, when pipes develop rust, especially from the inside, it can seep into the water supply as well. This might result in rusty water or with slight discoloration.

If you notice that the water even starts to taste oxidized or has an orange tinge, it means your pipes are severely rusty.

You definitely need to install a new water heater in this case and change the pipes ASAP as this can impact your health negatively!

Leaky or corroded pipes

If you see large pools of water always collected inside the bathroom or kitchen, then it can indicate to leaky pipes. While minor leaks are fairly normal, you shouldn’t ignore them, especially if your building is decades old.

Fluctuating water pressure

If you notice the water pressure changing too often it means that your pipes have moderate to severe corrosion. This causes the output of water to the sinks in your kitchen and bathroom to reduce as well as the shower.

Irregular water temperature

Pipes that transfer hot water tend to corrode faster than those that have cold water. Hot water pipes can become corroded easily and that’s when the aforementioned scenarios can present themselves.

Moreover, when corroded bits in the pies get trapped in the anti-scalding instruments, it can tamper the way they regulate and control the temperature.

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