Texas Plumber Tips: Are Bath Bombs Bad for My Plumbing?

Texas Plumber Tips: Are Bath Bombs Bad for My Plumbing?

There’s nothing better than slipping into a steaming bath after a long day. And the addition of a bath bomb takes the experience to a new level with calming colors and intoxicating scents.

Bath bomb sales have grown over 71 percent since 2015, as these fizzy, colorful products become a symbol of ‘self-care’ and indulgence. Soothing scents and essential oils, with decorative ingredients such as petals, confetti, and glitter, all add to the festive feeling.

However, while bath bombs may be good for your skin and a relaxing ritual for the mind, your plumbing may tell a different story. Here’s the lowdown.

Effect of Bath Bombs on Plumbing

Bath bombs often contain heavy oils and perfumes that solidify at room temperature. When you run a hot bath, the steaming water causes the bath bomb and the contents inside to liquefy and dissolve.

However, once these items go down the drain, the temperature also falls, causing them to solidify again. If that happens, they can stick to the walls of the pipes and cause blockages.

Secondly, bath bombs often contain solid ingredients, such as petals, glitter, herbs, and confetti, which are often large enough to get stuck in drains.

Protecting Your Plumbing Systems

This information may be distressing for avid bath-lovers, but fear not—there’s a solution for you. There are some steps you can take to protect drains and pipes from clogging up.

A quick and effective solution is to fashion a DIY bath bomb holder that you can use to catch any solid particles in the bath bomb. All you need are a pair of old nylon stockings and a hair tie.

Cut some old socks up to create a small pouch, place the bath bomb in it and seal with a hair tie or rubber band. Use your bath bomb as usual and prevent particles from going down the drain.

If you enjoy the sight of petals floating around in the bath, another option is to buy a high-quality mesh strainer for your bathtub. It should effectively keep all the decorative materials from entering the drain.


Hire a Professional Drain Cleaning Service in Boyd, TX

While you may be able to keep out the solid materials from entering your drain, professional drain cleaning is necessary to prevent the dissolved oils from sticking to the pipe walls.

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