Should I Get Touchless Faucets for My Home?

Should I Get Touchless Faucets for My Home?

Nearly every public restroom in the United States features touchless faucets. However, in the last few years, we’ve seen many small business and residential units making the shift from traditional taps to touchless faucets too.

Even before the spread of COVID-19—which has raised heightened awareness about infectious diseases—the demand for touchless faucets was escalating.

Let’s assess some of the reasons for this shift here.

Prevent the spread of germs

Contact transmission is the most common route through which diseases spread—and the hands are often the primary mode of transmission. Our hands come in contact with various surfaces throughout the day and can pick up germs and bacteria along the way.

When it comes to public, commercial, and even residential bathroom faucets, several people use the same bathroom. This can cause germs to spread quite easily from person to person. Touchless faucets eliminate the need to come in contact with the surface, thereby minimizing the risk of transmission.

Prevent water wastage

According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, users can save up to 3,000 gallons of water each year by closing the tap while brushing. While most of us make an effort to save water during routine tasks, it’s a hassle to keep on turning the faucet on and off.

The good news is that for touchless faucets to work, you need to place your hands at a predetermined distance for the motion sensors to activate. That means you don’t have to do the work of turning the tap on or off—the faucet does it automatically, helping you save water and money.

Help keep faucets clean

A significant component of modern bathrooms and kitchens is their aesthetic. But working in the kitchen often leads to dirty or greasy hands that need to be washed frequently. Regular faucets need to be turned on and off manually, which causes them to get dirty often.

With touchless faucets, you don’t have to turn on the tap regularly, and the chances of transferring grease and grime to the surface decrease. This allows you to keep your faucets well-maintained and spotless, while lowering the cost of replacement and repairs too.

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