Strange Plumbing Noises: Why They Shouldn’t Be Ignored!

Strange Plumbing Noises: Why They Shouldn’t Be Ignored!

Plumbing noises from your kitchen, toilet, and pipes indicate an oncoming issue. Detect them early on to contain the damage as much as possible.

Here are certain plumbing noises that you must never ignore:

Banging pipes

Banging sounds from your pipes may occur as you turn the faucet on. These noises are an indication of a water hammer. Water hammers occur when the flow of water in the pipes stops and reverses abruptly. If this only happens once in a while, it’s nothing to be worried about, but if it happens frequently, call up a professional to inspect your pipes. The pipe connections may be loose and might need to be tightened.

Gurgling from the toilet

Flushing a toilet is noisy, but any gurgling you hear after you’ve flushed the toilet should be alarming. It’s an indication that there’s a bottleneck in the pipes that isn’t allowing the water and waste to be drained effectively. When ignored, these sounds can lead to the toilet backing up.

Gurgling sounds from other parts of the plumbing are an indication that the drain vents are clogged up and need to be cleaned out. Don’t let such problems linger on as the trapped gases are a safety hazard.

Shaking sounds

It’s normal for pipes to shake when water runs through them. However, the sound shouldn’t be loud enough for you to notice it. If you can hear the pipes shaking, or the sound is getting progressively worse by the day, the mounting straps might be loose. Tighten them yourself or get them replaced by a plumber.

Running water

If you hear running water in your home when none of the faucets are turned on, it’s a sign that there’s a leak in the system. Such leaks cause up to 20,000 gallons of water wastage. Get the leaks checked out by a professional; it may need a repair or might need to be replaced.

Leaks in your plumbing system can also promote the growth of mold in your home. Mold affects the health of family members, causing respiratory problems, skin allergies, wheezing, etc.

High-pitched sounds

High pitched sounds from our bathroom or kitchen are highly likely when the pressure-reducing valve has worn out. This valve will either need to be replaced or readjusted, depending on the level of damage.


Hardwater is water with high levels of minerals like sulfur, limestone, chalk, etc. are in the water supplied to your home. Hardwater tends to cause more plumbing issues than regular water. The sediment buildup due to the high mineral content settles in the bends of pipes, causing that whistling sound when the water drains through it. Consider installing a water softening system to prevent further plumbing issues from arising.

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