Plumbing issues always arise at the most inopportune time—we can all agree. Hearing the water drip and being unable to find the source is frustrating. You know there’s an issue somewhere, but you’re not quite sure where it is.

Pipes corrode and begin to develop minute gaps that aren’t visible to the naked eye. Water begins dripping from these pipes, leading to water damage indoors as well. However, in certain cases, the pipe damage can be much worse, leading to damaged property and belongings. A professional service for broken pipe repair is equipped to help you with the problem.

Our experts have compiled a list of some common causes for pipe damage:

Movement in the foundation

Over time, your home’s foundation shifts and settles into place. While this isn’t a noticeable change, it can be significant in certain areas. Big adjustments in a home’s foundation exert pressure on the pipes, causing them to rupture or disconnect. It’s therefore essential that you look out for damp areas in your home’s flooring since it indicates that an underground pipe has leaked or burst.

Too much pressure in the flow of water

The pressure in the pipes can fluctuate depending on the season as well as the water source. While low pressure rarely does any damage, high pressure certainly puts your pipe system at risk. High water pressure increases the risk of your pipes cracking and even breaking.

Roots that run deep!

The roots of trees tend to grow in and around the network of pipes of a home. These roots put pressure on the system of pipes in your home, causing them to crack and break. The tiny cracks that develop release water vapor in the soil, and therefore, the leak isn’t noticed until the damage is done.

Corrosion is a likely culprit

Many old homes have copper and galvanized steel pipes installed. These pipes have a shorter lifespan compared to newer pipe materials. Galvanized steel and copper tends to corrode quickly; in fact, galvanized steel pipes corrode on the inside, reducing the pressure of the water in your home. There comes a time when the corrosion completely shuts off the water supply, increasing the pressure on the pipe, which eventually causes it to burst. The rust in these pipes also makes the water rusty with a strong metallic taste.

Changes in temperature weaken pipes

Extreme fluctuations in weather, mostly due to cold weather, tend to cause pipes to crack. Pipes that freeze over during the winter months tend to be more susceptible to cracks and breaks.

Pipe damage affects your whole home. It reduces the pressure of water and, in certain scenarios, completely shuts off the supply. Low pressure affects your water heater, bathrooms, and kitchen. If you suspect damaged pipes in your home, call a professional immediately for an inspection.

Our repair service for broken pipes in Fort Worth is equipped to deal with all sorts of pipe damage. Our licensed plumbers at Pro Serve Plumbing provide a thorough inspection to detect all possible damage sustained by your pipes. We have been in business for over 15 years and are skilled in detecting plumbing problems early on and fixing these issues using non-invasive repair techniques.

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