Storm and Sewer Drains: Are They the Same?

Storm and Sewer Drains: Are They the Same?

Plumbing systems serve various functions, which is why no two plumbing systems work or the same or are installed in the same way. The biggest difference we can point out among plumbing systems is between sanitary and storm sewers—they both drain out water but in distinct ways.

What is a storm sewer?

A storm sewer is designed to drain off rain water. These drains are located along sidewalks and mainly within curbs to drain out as much water from the road as possible. Such drains are also designed to carry off water that comes from the melting snow.

Where can you find storm sewers?

Storm sewers are designed into basement floors or buildings, roads, alleys, as well as driveways. They aren’t found in homes.

What do storm drains look like?

Storm drains often have a logo on it in the form of a fish or the name of a city. Anything that’s drained through this ends up in a local water source.

This water is untreated; whatever lives or grows in these drains ends up in water sources, which is why these drains need to be cleaned thoroughly and regularly.

What is a sewer drain?

Sewers drains carry water from a home or commercial area into a treatment plant. The water is treated here to remove impurities and is then released into local water bodies. The water is tested to check whether it meets the regulations mandated by the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES). This system reduces the pollutants that enter the local water bodies as much as possible.

Common problems in sewer drains

Drains in your home are more susceptible to blockages, buildup, and clogs. This can cause the toilet to back up, leaks in the pipes, and in some cases, it can cause pipes to explode.

Drain blockages in the home occur due to grease buildup in the kitchen drain, and skincare products, hair care products, and hair buildup in the bathroom drain.

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