How Do You Keep Your Pipes Safe from Winter Damage?

How Do You Keep Your Pipes Safe from Winter Damage?

Most Americans know how hard life gets during plummeting temperatures in the winter and how badly it affects the management of everything in the house.

Your plumbing system can take a beating because of all the ice, snow, rain and wind. The after effects of a beautiful snow season can be disastrous for your plumbing system.

The Red Cross identifies frozen pipes as the single most disastrous problems for any residential property. The reason is that pipes are located in the basement, crawlspaces, attics, kitchen cabinets and garages. These are areas that serve as the foundation of any home. When a pipe bursts or leaks here, the leak often goes unnoticed and ends up damaging the foundation.

How Do Pipes Freeze?

When it gets cold, the water in plumbing pipes can freeze, expand and exert extreme amount of pressure. The ice creates enough pressure to cause a leak or crack in the pipe.

The following are some of the steps you can take to prevent pipes from freezing, leaking and bursting:

Ensure That Pipes Are Insulated

The most effective way to insulate your pipes is to simply wrap foam around them which protects them from freezing temperatures. Another option includes wrapping them up with heat tape!

Let The Faucet Drip

While constantly dripping faucet call for a plumbing repair, it’s the opposite during winter months.

During the snowy season, it is beneficial to let all the faucets drip just a bit. The constant water flow will keep the pressure low in the plumbing pipes. This will ensure that water does not stay in the pipes long enough to freeze.

(P.S. No, we’re not suggesting that you waste water. You can place a bucket under the faucet to collect the water and use it later.)

Watch The Thermostat

An effective way to keep pipes away from the winter damage is to monitor the thermostat—even when you’re going away for vacations.

The idea is to keep all the pipes warm and at a moderate temperature to prevent them from freezing. If cold air is allowed to flow into the home, it is safe to say that you’ll face a huge plumbing issue sooner than later.

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