Common Signs That A Professional Plumbing Inspection Is Long Overdue

Common Signs That A Professional Plumbing Inspection Is Long Overdue

As we welcome the New Year, homeowners should also be welcoming long overdue plumbing inspections. Delaying plumbing inspections can have disastrous consequences. These can include mold growth, water accumulation around the property and a potentially weakening foundation.

You need to be extra cautious about the plumbing system when buying a new property. If looked over, the leaks, cracks and water damage can reduce the value of your property. Moreover, if your house is at least a decade old and there’s no record of a plumbing inspection before the time you’ve lived there, you need to call in an expert to get your plumbing system inspected. Old homes have outdated plumbing systems which are not in line with the current standards.

Here are some signs to help you identify if you need a plumbing inspection:

Inconsistent Water Flow

Irregular water flow is a sign that air has made its way into the water pipes and has successfully disrupted the passage of water. This blockage can be a warning sign for any leak or breakage somewhere between your plumbing pipelines.  

Another reason behind inconsistent water flow can be trapped mineral deposits in your pipes. The problem can be avoided by installing a filtration plant in front of the main water line.

Tap Tap Tap…

The sound of water dripping and penetrating through the dead of the night and breaking the silence is something that we get used to of eventually. Most homeowners tend to not think about the dozens of gallons of water being wasted every day, until they see the unsual spike in their utility bills.

Blocked Drains

Fully functioning drains take away all our worries and secrets…well, not all of them!

However, drains aren’t black holes that lead to outer space, which can move all the garbage into nothingness. Over a certain period of time, this mess can accumulate into one big clog within the drain which you won’t be able to flush down into the nothingness i.e. sewage. Blocked drains are also be the reason why the sewage water starts to back up from your pipelines.

A plumbing inspection is only the first step in ensuring that all your drains, faucets and pipelines are fully functional. An in-depth inspection may or may not help you diagnose underlying plumbing issues.

The best way to avoid any of the above plumbing issues is to have an annual plumbing inspection performed. At Pro Serve Plumbing we offer professional plumbing and inspection services, sewage repair, drain cleaning service Fort Worth TX. Get in touch with us to hire us as your trusted plumbers in Texas!