Preventative Tips to Avoid Winter Damage to Your Pipes

A burst residential pipe inside a house in Fort Worth.

A burst pipe means a significant threat to your life, belongings, and property! It can also cause severe flooding, and the repair bill can be too expensive to foot. The best you can do is make sure the temperature of the pipes stays slightly above the freezing point.

Here are a few tips.

Keep Some Heat On

This is particularly important if either you or your tenants are planning on leaving the house for a few days. This might be a bit hard for the tenants if they’re paying the utility bills on their own; however, you should be able to convince them that it’s essential. Keeping the heat on will prevent the pipes from freezing and reduce the possibility of any water damage to your possessions. You don’t need to set the heat too high. Just keep it to the normal levels that you would select if you were home. We recommend setting the temperature above 50°F to keep the pipes warm.

Open Up the Faucet A Bit

The pipes stand a higher chance of freezing if they’re tightly shut. When the faucets are closed, the pressure might create a blockage, which causes the pipes to burst.

You can open up the faucet a bit to let it drip slightly. This will not only relieve the pressure from the system but will also ensure air passage across the pipes. If the same faucet is connected to both the hot and cold water pipes, open up both the taps. If there is a single-handle faucet, set it to a warm setting.

A plumber fixing a burst pipe in Fort Worth, TX.

Keep the Cabinet Doors Open

That’s where the pipes are located. When you keep your cabinet doors open, the heat from the rest of the house will keep the lines warm. Keep all the interior doors open to ensure that sufficient heat flows through your home.

If you see any gaps and holes in any of the walls where the pipes are running, seal them up. The holes could be letting cold air inside the cabinets. You can use spray foam insulation and caulk for the purpose. Repeat the same step for holes on both the exterior and interior side of the wall.

Never try and deal with broken or damaged pipes on your own. In Fort Worth, pipes often burst as a result of wear and tear too, and the consequences can be disastrous. The experts at Pro Serve Plumbing would be glad to take a look and help you contain some of the damage. Learn more about our plumbing repair services here.