A professional plumber inspecting a drain.

If you’re DIY-ing, make sure it’s only a skincare mask and home décor—nothing less and nothing more. When it comes to more complicated tasks like plumbing, electrical connections, and repair jobs, there is a reason professionals exist.

Here’s why we don’t recommend DIY plumbing.

You Won’t Have the Technical Know-How.

You might be able to stop a toilet from leaking temporarily, but you’ll never eventually know what’s causing it. A professional plumber can get to the root cause of the issue better than you can. There could be many reasons behind a runny toilet. Misdiagnosing the problem could make you purchase the wrong component and waste all of that hard-earned cash. It’s also a terrible waste of time.

Similarly, if your pipes are leaking because of an internal blockage, you don’t want to spend your time and money getting rid of any plant roots surrounding the lines. Your plumber will have the right technical knowledge, expertise, and experience to know what the underlying issue is.

The Use of Equipment

Let’s consider drain cleaning. You can’t clean out the lines if you don’t even know what is down the drain. Most homeowners commit the mistake of buying commercial, chemical-based chemical solutions to clean the drains. Drain cleaning solutions are toxic and harsh for the pipes and cause long-term damage. On the other hand, a professional plumbing service uses professional snake tools to clean the drains. The use of tools depends on what’s causing the obstruction.

For more comprehensive drain cleaning, plumbers also use hydro-jetting equipment, motorized drain augers, and video pipe inspection equipment.

A professional plumber inspecting plumbing fixtures.

You Need a License

Many states in the US only allow licensed professionals to carry out complicated tasks like fixing gas lines. Fixtures like gas pipes are sensitive and can be dangerous to handle on your own because gas is extremely flammable. Even a minor error can result in a full-blown explosion and cause significant damage. Always leave gas line repair to an expert. They also have the right protective gear to keep themselves safe during the process. Inhaling too many gases can cause light-headedness, nausea, and even death. They’ll have just the right expertise to establish a leak-free gas line.

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