Plumbing Considerations When Installing an Outdoor Shower

Plumbing Considerations When Installing an Outdoor Shower

An outdoor shower is a great way to ensure your pool doesn’t get dirty. It’s also a useful option if your kids tend to get messy when playing; you can clean the mud off before they step into the home. You can use it to give your dog a bath so there’s no mess in the main bathroom.

Plumbing Priorities

An outdoor shower is a great addition in terms of aesthetic and functionality. It also increases the value of your property. However, you need to keep some plumbing considerations in mind before you opt for one.

Outdoor shower installations can either be straightforward or challenging. It depends on how complex an installation you need and where you want it to be located. It also depends on whether it’s a portable or permanent installation.

Garden Hose Shower

The simplest outdoor showers can be directly hooked up to the garden hose. All you have to do is attach tubing and a durable stainless steel or brass showerhead at the end of the hose. The next step is to suspend it from a suitable height.

And there you have it, a portable and functional outdoor shower. However, one downside of attaching your outdoor shower to the garden hose is that it will only be able to use cold water.

Portable Shower

Tower and pedestal showers are another option for you to look into. These can be hooked up to an outdoor plumbing line, allowing them to be placed anywhere you like as they are semi-portable. This also means that they can provide both cold and hot water.

Wall-Mounted Shower

Most homeowners, however, want wall-mounted showers. Ideally, this kind of shower should be attached to a plumbing wall that receives both hot and cold water or near a pre-existing hose bib.

Drainage Considerations

You might be envisioning a natural setting for your outdoor shower; a shower which quickly drains and soaks into the ground or through a bed of stones under your feet. However, this can lead to water damage . You need to install proper drains that can carry the wastewater away and protect the quality of the groundwater.


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